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Residential Buying
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Buy A Home in Carlsbad, CA

A lot of people think about home buying as a stressful process, but it doesn't have to be! Thor walks you through the home buying process and helps you become an informed buyer. He'll help you through all the complicated steps, like negotiation, finding open houses, and more. And to make it easier for you, he can give you a comprehensive report about the most common mistakes home buyers make. 

seating on a deck of house
residential home buying
residential home buying
residential home buying
residential home buying

Here's what the report offers you: 

  • Home financing methods that will help you seal the deal
  • How you can use interest rates to make an appealing offer to the seller
  • Why buyers must disclose financial information to sellers
  • How no-money-down loans can save educated lenders money
  • Why government guarantee programs may offer better deals than private lenders
  • Which preparation and research steps can help buyers profit on no-down-payment loans
  • And much, much More!

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5.0 stars | 24 reviews
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